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Tree Services

Date: 04.10.2014 | 6833 views
Services tending effectiveness of various fruit trees and the company is Super Clean at Da Nang


Plant trees, we must first know about agriculture, planting and tending crops. Seed, soil, water, climate ... affecting crops. Also bonsai technical requirements important. Technical know bonsai care will help you to easily take care of your garden plants most effective way, your plants will always lush and fast growing ever more beautiful. With a team of technicians fully trained skills and rigorous, we guarantee to provide care the best plants for your
dich vu cay xanh tai da nang
Around where I live there are many pest insects such as mosquitoes, ants, termites .... The insects are part of the ecosystem, but if environmental conditions become favorable, they reproduce and development control in excess of humans, causing damage to the productive activities and daily activities in our lives. Let our company provides services in Da Nang trees to protect the health of you and your family with many types of services different insecticides suit the needs of each customer.
Tree Services in Danang include:
- Cultivation of plants
- Trim, bending correction, shaping bonsai, flower, tree borders, lawns
- Cut the grass, clean the lawn, watering, fertilizing, spraying pesticides to be lush trees.
- Filter and analyze soil samples, examine the situation of the invasive pest plants to timely treatment.
- Online counseling on how to care for plants.
The fruits
 Currently, fruit production standards of food hygiene and safety certification by many different criteria such as: VietGAP, GlobalGAP, ASEANGAP, organic produce ... the final product are of high quality, function the amount of harmful substances (residues of plant protection products, heavy metals, harmful micro-organisms ...) less than the threshold.
To orchard achieve food safety criteria, when building a new garden or garden care business must comply with a number of key principles are as follows:
1. For newly planted orchard
- Selection of soil: First, choose a land of climatic conditions and soil in accordance with the requirements of growth and development of fruit trees to plant. Good land, arable layer thickness, the tree will give many fruits, good quality, but the fruit is planted on sloping land, soil and stones ... So the basic principles of the land is selected soil cultivation thick enough to ensure the well-developed roots, no more than 20o slope, near the water source ... In addition, the problem product markets also need attention right from the early years of building the garden fruit.
- Select seedlings: Once identified species of fruit trees to plant, seedling address provided is very important, long-term decisions to production efficiency. Choose a good buy seedlings in seed production facility reputable establishments are state certified standards mother garden. Establishments provide seedlings not only ensure the quality of seedlings (right seeds, seedling size unsatisfactory, high survival rates ...), but also full of information on varieties, plant the same.


dich vu cay xanh tai da nang

Green grapefruit Ben Tre

dich vu cay xanh tai da nang

Durian nine of


- Trees planted: Trees planted are growing to utilize space in the early years when the plant is not a crown. Intercropped plants need some features not fit to compete light and nutrients to the plant as quickly harvested, shade tolerant, low trees, root development is not too strong. Also, choose plants intercropped work support for key crops such as soil erosion, pests restrictions, increased humus, nitrogen in the soil ... will bring more benefits.
- Fertilizer: Fertilizer use for planting new orchards include organic fertilizer (manure) and inorganic fertilizers. Ask manure must be decomposed compost fertilizer before. Inorganic fertilizers are used for fertilizer and top dressing after planting. However, it should be noted soil pH suitable for the majority of fruit is about 6.0 to 6.5. So, for acidic soils to add lime fertilizer to soil pH balance.
- Preparing and planting hole: Prepare planting holes before planting at least 1 month. Hole size depending on the type of fruit trees, soil characteristics and topography. The density of holes depending on the type of tree, but some cases may grow thicker, even 2 times faster for trees with crown, for high yield in the early years. Then, prune trees to fixed long distance. After planting, the mulch to retain moisture and fixed plants are upright, not falling wind is the most important task to achieve high survival rate and uniformity.
2. For orchards are trading
- Management of the land surface of the orchard: Tree Care and intercropping short-day plants that surface orchard less eroded, not hardened, the lowest fertility reduction. One good solution is to plant cover crops to orchards. Currently, there are several types of legumes are suitable for mulching as wild groundnut, beans hairy, yellow flower sienna ... also planted clover, fescue grass just created humus to the soil, making soil porous medium Beautiful landscaping orchard.
- Pest Management: Controlling pests of fruit trees should first apply the precautionary measures as captured by hand, bait, using natural enemies, use of resistant varieties, cropping systems suitable ... Measures chemical control measures are applied to the case of serious pests. Use of plant protection drugs on the list for use in Vietnam, it is best to use biological pesticides. For diseases of fruit trees, there are many causes such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes .... The impact of weather or unbalanced nutrition (malnutrition or poisoning) may also have symptoms such plants infected. Therefore, the fruit trees need to know the exact cause for timely preventive measures. Orchard hygiene, care for the growing good crops would greatly limit the disease. However, some types of fungal leaf or root rot is common on fruit trees need to use chemical drugs in the permitted list and room spray will periodically be controlled.
- Fertilizers and soil nutrients: Fertilizer annual orchard is usually calculated on the basis of yield harvest last year to calculate the amount of plant nutrients from soils, thereby supplementing nutrition land. In fruit production of goods hygiene and food safety fertilization on the principle that has been aged manure decomposed, inorganic fertilizers are not too many or too late when coming harvest will be at risk The residual nitrate in the product, increasing the use of microbial fertilizer, foliar fertilizer ...
- Harvesting and storage: Some fruit of the tree which results in the large results to limit pest and make design more beautiful results. The basic principle of the harvest is: picking the right ripeness of fruit suitable for consumption; harvest in the morning when the weather is dry; fruit harvest must be put into containers and put away pre-processing, consumption or storage of the day. Usually, the result of a manufacturing facility certified production standards of food hygiene and safety will be closed with a logo label of certification bodies to grant consumers identify the product safety market.
- Recording and management books: Must book the deployment in orchard during the planting, tending, harvesting. This is the documentation for the certification organization management, inspection and traceability of products when necessary. In particular, fully record the information on the purchase and use of fertilizers and plant protection products as organizations certified guide. Books and records are stored for at least 2 years.
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