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Carpet cleaning, sofa

Date: 04.10.2014 | 9127 views
With years of experience providing services carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning floor ... at Da Nang we are committed to your satisfaction when choosing services

1. Wash the sofa:

Subjects services: office chairs, sofa categories such as canvas, velvet, velveteen sofa simili, especially glossy leather sofa, suede private homes, hotels, restaurants, companies, VP representative, v ...


dich vu giat tham, ghe sofa tai da nang


With proper process and cleaning materials used for each type of fabric and leather. Sofa carpet cleaning company in Da Nang Super Clean surfaces not clean up the mess caused by dirt, dust, mud, we are also bleach stains caused by residual oil, clay stains, coffee, soy sauce, tea, food eat, drink v .. v ...


dich vu giat tham, ghe sofa tai da nang

By using a brush washer and chairs suitable for cleaning materials, we cleaned the stains in both directions after the stain is softened and melted, the vacuum will get the dirt out of cleaning materials to the surface completely clean.
2. Carpet cleaning:
Carpet cleaning sofa in Da Nang, carpet cleaning our office to ensure quick delivery, clean the stain on the carpet where the color of the carpet remains with the lowest price. Customers can feel secure and confident when carpet cleaning services to our office.


dich vu giat tham, ghe sofa tai da nang

* Process office carpet cleaning include:
- Carpet cleaning sofa in Da Nang
- Suction dust.
- Use a bleach solution spotting and handling dirty spots on the carpet.
- Use a carpet cleaning chemicals sprayed on the carpet and cleaning done.
- Then use a vacuum water, suck the dirt substances, wastes.
- Finally, the system blower drying the carpet nghep nhanhchong


dich vu giat tham, ghe sofa tai da nang

With office carpet cleaning procedures reasonably experienced with handling special stains, carpet cleaning not only due to dust and dirt, soil, mud, we also bleach stains from food, drink, cracks, rust, oil residues, etc ... chewinggums office carpet cleaning Super Clean currently being used by customers and are appreciated for the quality.

dich vu giat tham, ghe sofa tai da nang


With a staff of enthusiastic, thoughtful, experienced Super Clean Carpet received 24/24 whenever customers need, we always put the interests of our customers first and making every customer satisfied Whether customers are most difficult to return to your office space with excellent working like new carpet.
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