Transport services

We are committed, will provide transportation services, domestic transport convenient, fast, accurate, absolute safety in Da Nang


The transportation services, cargo services of Super Clean:
- Transport services in Danang
- Packing moving, office moving professional.
- Packaged goods according to international standards.
- Handling Lifting shipping.
- Rental truck types from 15 tons to 0.5 tons. container 20 "to 40".
- Transfer agent forwarding, distribution, inland transportation.


dich vu van chuyen tai da nang


At the same time, we also transport a variety of goods such as electric generators, electrical cabinets, elevators, conveyors, power cables, plastic pipes, and other common items ...
In order to meet customer demand, transportation services in Da Nang not only provide key services, we always focus on support services such as: Receive / delivery, car rental crane transporting container, wood packaging, handling, warehousing ...
Transport services in Da Nang, Super Clean Company has a team of professional truck drivers, enthusiastic, skilled and experienced steady over the contract moving, office moving. Hence, employees of Super Clean informed of all terrain of the city, especially in Da Nang and neighboring provinces.
Super Clean Staff is always polite attitude with customers, there shall preserve your goods as well as myself. In particular we work prestige, always ensure on time, at the right time at the request of customers. We will respond faster transit times at all times and advise you select the type of truck suitable and cheapest for each commodity.
As for pricing, Super Clean always provide cheap transport services, transport of goods to the provinces with the freight quote request of the customer for each truck and every way. In particular, transportation services in Da Nang Super Clean valuable incentives for long-term transportation contracts and to the promotion, incentives for customers to sign a contract running debt (last payment each month release Birth shipping). This is the preferential regime without company providing public transport services have been.
In order to improve the professionalism of the office moving services as well as in transport, freight, Super Clean company offers a full range of lifting machines, cranes with payloads.
Trading and Service Co., Ltd. SUPER CLEAN
Main office: Room 105, the 1D, North Condo Style, Life P.Hoa East, Q.Cam Le Da Nang
Representative Office: 79 Tran Quy Hai - Thanh Khe District - Tp. Da Nang
Hotline: 05113.688.866
Phone: 0985.777.686
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