51 To Huu - Da Nang
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Introduction to SUPER CLEAN

Welcome visit the company's website SUPER CLEAN & SERVICES LTD. SUPER CLEAN is a leading company in the field of industrial hygiene services in Da Nang, and the provinces and territories ...



SUPER CLEAN proactive application of the latest technological solutions in the field of industrial hygiene.

Our company operates in the following areas:
Industrial hygiene:
- Daily cleaning service
- Cleaning service once
- Pest control services
- Training Services Cleaning
- And some services on request
Industrial Hygiene
Transport services:
- Packing moving, office moving professional.
- Packaged goods according to international standards.
- Handling Lifting shipping.
- Rental truck types from 15 tons to 0.5 tons. container 20 "to 40".
- Transfer agent forwarding, distribution, inland transportation.
Tree Services (care and design):
- Watering the tree every day.
- Fertilize regularly for trees grow well.
- Removal of weeds to trees grow well and beautiful.
- Cut the grass, pruning trees, pruning leaf chlorosis, ...
- Scan and collect fallen leaves, yard waste, ...
- Spraying insecticides for prevention and trees, ...
Tree Services
Super Clean we pledge to:
1. Coaching and training of skilled staff.
2. Supply and use of equipment and specialty chemicals modern.
3. Application of the quality management system in accordance with international standards of industrial hygiene services.
4. Provide appropriate optimal solution requirements and business characteristics of customers with the most reasonable price.
5. To satisfy the diverse needs of customers.
6. To serve the best quality, fastest time.
7. To contribute to creating a working environment clean.
Contact info:
Trading and Service Co., Ltd. SUPER CLEAN
Main office: Room 105, the 1D, North Condo Style, Life P.Hoa East, Q.Cam Le Da Nang
Representative Office: 51 To Huu - Hai Chau District - Tp. Da Nang
Hotline: 05113.688.866
Phone: 0985.777.686
Email: superclean79@gmail.com
Contact Us

Head Office: 51 To Huu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Representative Office: 51 To Huu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Can Tho Branch: 124 Nguyen Đe Street, Can Tho City

Hotline: 05113.688.866 - 0985.777.686

Support Can Tho: 0942.192.892

Email: Superclean79@gmail.com