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Modern Japanese waste treatment technology

Date: 12.08.2017 | 1120 Views
Japan is well-known in the world for its strict waste classification which applies advanced technology to environmentally friendly treatment. Let is find out how they handle rubbish.
Despite the elaborate process of garbage classification, only 20.8% of garbage is recycled. This figure is lower than that of the Netherlands (51%) and the United Kingdom (39%) - countries with common concerns about waste disposal.

The process of waste treatment is super efficient and friendly

Unlike developing countries that collect rubbish and then bring down landfill. Japan invests in the construction of modern super-sized garbage mills. Not only that, they also designed the factory into unique unique architecture unique. Visitors to Japan often mistook these factories as art centers or exhibitions because of their impressive and unique appearance.
Garbage is classified into several categories in containers collected by garbage trucks and taken to the factory for disposal. Here environmentally friendly technology is called "fluidized bed combustion technology" to burn garbage. Garbage is not burned directly because it generates harmful gases that are harmful to the atmosphere but is buried in a layer of sand, which then uses the airflow during the furnace and some other chemicals to destroy.
kham pha cong nghe xu ly rac cua nguoi nhat
Specifically, when the garbage into the combustion chamber, the air is heated from the bottom of the chamber will blow up, push the unused part of the garbage up, then back to the bottom to burn again.
This technology has been rated by many experts as the most stingfast material in fast speed. Moreover, it is cheaper than many other types. The temperature of the combustion chamber is not too high, just about 800 degrees Celsius, so the NOx emissions like NO or SO2 are much less. This has an extremely positive impact on the air environment.
This waste treatment technology has been applied in Japan for many years and resonates with neighboring countries. Currently, China, Thailand and Singapore are the first countries to import Japanese technology to apply.

Where will recycled waste go?

Paper, plastic bottles and beverage bottles made of PET - polyethylene terephthalate will be recycled for use for various purposes.
Paper waste, cardboard, glass waste ... are processed in a similar way in other countries. Only PET is processed according to its own process. They will be melted at high temperatures and processed to form new PET bottles. Or they can be spun into other useful products such as clothing, bags, raincoats ... In addition, they are also used as raw materials to build artificial islands.
Garbage machine garbage disposal is a powerful tool for garbage collection. A scavenger that functions as a scavenger is just a vacuum cleaner to clean the factory. Applying Japanese technology together with the scavenger vehicle will be an ideal choice for environmental sanitation.
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