Freight contract is an agreement between the parties, whereby the movement of goods to designated locations as agreed, and the lessee must pay shipping charges for shipping. Contracts of carriage can be made in writing or verbally.
Freight contract must be drafted, signed and implemented in compliance with the provisions of the Civil Code and other legal documents (see sample contract of carriage of goods).
To avoid any disputes that may occur, the contents of the contract of carriage of goods should be fully comply with the following contents:
1. Name, address and other information of the parties;
2. Information on the goods transported (name, kind, nature of goods, unit rates);
3. Location receipt and delivery;
4. Terms of vehicles;
5. Terms of papers for freight;
6. The method of delivery;
7. Responsibility for cargo handling;
8. Solve the loss of goods;
9. The pressure Freight (if required);
10. Payment of freight;
11. Registration of insurance;
12. Measures to ensure the implementation of the contract (if necessary);
13. Liability for breach of contract;
14. settle contract disputes;
15. Other agreements (if necessary);
16. The validity of the contract;
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